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Why Choose Conversion Financial?

Conversion Financial is a personal services business. We come to know our clients well and we will be working closely with you, often finding our way to your home for meetings at night and on the weekend. We want to be welcome in your home as you would be welcome in ours. We want to enjoy the relationship with you, while providing you with a service that makes your life better.

Our first step is a conversation to see if you are comfortable with your advisor. Is the advisor listening closely to your story, able to understand your needs? Do you get direct answers to your questions? Do you understand the nature of the business relationship, including charges for services? A good advisor should be able to assure you in each case, as we stand ready to do. Only then we can move forward with creating your financial plan.

I spent the last eight years of my professional life managing bond portfolios for high and ultra-high net worth individuals. I loved the work, but felt a step removed from the relationship with the client. I was not always impressed with the nature of the advice given or the relationship between wealth manager and client as I saw it.

As well, I saw a real need for planning among individuals with less than $5 million dollars. People like my parents, who were struggling at one point with pension options and retirement decisions, and an uncle who was struggling to understand the nine different claiming options under his Carpenter’s Union pension plan. I cannot count the number of times friends have asked me to offer allocation advice for their 401(k) plans. I thought, why not create a career as an advisor, doing work that I already enjoy doing for people who really need the advice.

I have a PhD in Finance, which I have employed in the financial services industry for many years. I hold an insurance license and passed FINRA Series 7 and Series 66 exams that qualify me for brokerage work. (FSC Securities is my broker affiliation.) I am affiliated with a fee only Registered Investment Advisory (a so-called RIA, Diversified Financial Advisory Group). I can offer services for an hourly rate; for a fee based on assets under management; or for a commission in the event that such would prove to be a better option for the client. Again, we have a service model to fit your needs.