A Holistic Approach to Managing Your Wealth

Client Centered

The distinction between traditional financial planning and wealth management often boils down to semantics. Wealth management services include investment advice, consulting with client accounting and tax services, retirement and estate planning, etc. That looks a lot like financial planning.

At Conversion Financial, our wealth management process provides for detailed asset allocation and security selection. We will generate a portfolio with an eye on your tax profile and estate plan. If you are just starting out, with a checking account, savings account, and a 401(K), then we will work with you on a strategy designed to meet your initial goals, preparing your for the longer journey ahead.

What Type of Net Worth Is Involved?

We welcome all levels of wealth and have service models that are appropriate to your situation. If you have a single question, we are happy to answer it. If you have questions concerning your 401(k) allocation, we are ready to review options and discuss your risk tolerance to arrive at a proper allocation strategy for your current situation and goals. Questions concerning college savings and 529 Plans? We have answers. If you have a $5 million portfolio, we have experience with financial plan design and wealth management for high net-worth clients.

What Is Conversion's Process?

We take a holistic approach that includes planning for emergencies, short-term needs, risk management (via insurance), wealth management across taxable and tax-exempt accounts depending on a client’s tax profile, and estate planning/legacy needs. Our goal for all clients is security via financial independence. Different levels of wealth may require different roadmaps to confidence and independence, but we follow the same process to formulate that plan with each client.

Are you ready to start managing your wealth more effectively, so you can pursue long-term security? Contact our wealth management team at Conversion Financial Services today.

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